Use the resources below learn how windows impacts engineers and scientists help determine whether you should adopt this technology and understand best practices for developing engineering and scientific applications based windows 8. The software maker tweaking its live tile arrangement windows 8. Microsoft has now pushed new windows redstone preview build for insiders fast ring. By default you get list your apps the left side. You can add new desktops quickly move windows between. Hi unfortunately have similar problem. Microsofts anticipated windows upgrade has finally arrived. What you see what you get with the new windows 8. Windows has host new features and improvements that are aimed improve usability. Microsoft has also given more life the lock screen windows 8. Windows presents radically new interface users but never fear our comprehensive guide will help you find your way around the new and make the most its features. The following new features windows have iumpacts that developers need aware regarding their existing and new products. It comes with number new features including the revamped start menu. The new windows phone finally official and quite frankly beat our expectations microsoft definitely delivered with dualcore processorsu2026 new features windows 3. Windows packed with features but lot them are unnecessary. We take close look the highlights some the most important this topic introduces the platform features windows internet explorer 8. The most obvious change from windows windows the new user interface. Jan 2013 the best new features windows windows available for download today complete with new tiled touchfriendly interface well some. In this article going define new features the windows gui. Heres whats new windows 8. We plan talk more about updates the built apps windows 8. Ive been following the windows development very closely and noticed some hefty backlash some the features windows 8. Office has not yet found its way the windows start screen but microsoft did least give bit preview when modern version onenote was released. While hundreds others work behind the scenes support new features. Heres what know far about potential new features windows phone 8. While microsofts creators update naming extends this latest windows update lot the features are new additions that will used all. The wait over windows has arrived. You can now access free song plays before logging. Cool features windows transformation pack now its time discuss about windows 8. Windows has two new features refresh windows reinstall windows. Its easy users with 64bit version windows ultimate pro can create virtual environment using the builtin hyperv. I have retail key and not need the additional feature enterprise. Discovering and implementing power user tips are favorite part getting major new version os. Greg shultz introduces you the windows new file explorer and some its timesaving features. Some the best new windows 10s features arent flashy but they sure are useful. Windows boasts numerous exciting new features and this eightbooksinone reference your onestop guide for discovering them all feature new computer with windows preinstalled when you take out the box and turn you will greeted with this last phase windows installation where you personalize the gui and configure how you will sign in. Microsoft unveiled windows recently. Jul 2013 office has not yet found its way the windows start screen but microsoft did least give bit preview when windows 8. Find out the answer should you upgrade now not and dont forget check out other interesting and useful articles our exclusive windows section.Windows going better than windows 8. If you looked windows and said thanks the new features and extensive. I would imagine there are several here who have never used enterprise edition windows before. Here are brief descriptions some top features you would keen know about. Thats not true though windows comes with pretty impressive number new features most them hiding.. Our pick the best new features windows 8. Windows will soon released the second quarter 2012. If you dont have such monitor. Microsoft released windows 8. Microsoft made more than 1000 changes windows 3. Ive read some the features that microsofts windows will offering and now both intrigued and excited for whats come the full version. Windows supports new feature called secure boot which verifies each time the starts that hasnt been tampered with. Windows seems one the best for tablets but failed attract and satisfy desktop and laptop users. This article explains the new security features that were introduced both windows and windows 8. Windows sports some fundamental user interface changes. Windows which better what are windows new features and improvements how microsoft has completely revamped the task manager windows cater both the beginners and power users. Last year when microsoft released windows was met with polarizing response. Many features are configuration and management. Windows the upcoming operating system microsoft and has lots new features included when compared its. Last night microsoft unveiled its updated windows 8. One the more useful features apr 2014 windows 8. We reveal the pick the hundreds new features the windows consumer preview and guide the controversial new metro microsoft has released the public preview windows 8